Dr. Meimaris’s Blueberry Power Smoothie!

1 Cup Blueberries*- Frozen plus ½ cup ice cubes

1 Banana- (better if frozen)

1 Cup Raw Oats (Whole Foods Steel Cut  or Trader Joe’s)

1 Tablespoon Designs for Health Lemon Omegavail (1820mg EPA/DHA)**

Half cup of whole, Raw Almonds (handful)

2-3 Generous scoops of Standard Process Whey Pro Complete Protein Powder

3-4 Cups Almond milk (unsweetened) or Cold Lipton Blueberry/Pomegranate Tea

8-10 Leaves of fresh mint for even more kick!

Add a heaping tablespoonful of  Fage” Greek Yogurt to thicken as desired

I use the FUSION by Oster Multi-speed blender, use the pulse option at first, then the high speed setting until smooth and creamy. Serve immediately for breakfast at home or on the run. This will serve up to (4) four and is a refreshing, liquefied power breakfast that is nutritious and delicious!

This will increase your performance whether you are an adult weekend warrior or a child striving for high academic & athletic achievement.

It’s what I call On-the run Nutrition or for those not eating enough meals and need to turn on their metabolism to lose weight: Meal Replacement Therapy!”

What ever you call it it’s pure GOODNESS!!!!!!!

*Substitute Mixed berries or other frozen fruit to your liking

**Substitute 1 Tablespoon Ground Flax or Flax seed oil


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