The Yin Yang of Garlic & Ginger

Garlic and ginger are two of nature’s most rewarding gifts.  They are also two of the primary healing food system of  herbs that are high in phytochemicals.  Each with a specific healing property, garlic and ginger compliment one another.

With many hidden healing properties, garlic remains on the top of my list for the following reasons;  rich in mercaptans, aka “thiols*” (sulphur radicals); a mercaptan is any chemical compound that literally means “seizing mercury” because of it’s affinity for bonding with mercury and securing it away from vital cellular integrity and functions.

How I prepare my garlic, photo by Dr. Meimaris

How I prepare my garlic

For our purposes though, garlic has functional properties of an anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-viral.  It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and is a natural blood thinner.  It also provides for proper blood vessel dilation, enhances endocrine (glandular) functions and for all the males of the species, it boosts our sperm count!

Ginger, the plant and rhizome

Long associated with Asian cooking, this root herb is the key to life and the balancing of the body’s various functions including but not limited to the circulatory, making platelets less adhesive which compliments the blood thinning properties of garlic,  digestive, minimizing stomach cramps, nausea and increasing bile flow which along with garlic again (dilating blood vessels), increases peristalsis (digestion); and as an herbal decongestant, aiding in minimizing the symptoms of the common cold,  sinusitis, allergies, inflamed or irritated nasal mucosa, thus minimizing deleterious effects on the respiratory system.  In addition to those, this herb aids in has anti-inflammatory properties, when used in massage as one would use “ginger oil” over arthritic and painful joints.   In addition to all of these wonderful properties, Ginger consists of twenty phenolic compounds that consist of both anti-mutagenic (anti-cancer) properties and are rich in anti-oxidants, which is essential for maintaining any adverse free-radical change and any inflammatory process of the body.

Goji Berries

Dr. Meimaris’s Anti-inflammatory tea recipe consists of boiling (a finger of ginger) the root making a Ginger Tea and adding 3/4 cup of Goji Berries.

Start with a finger of ginger, boil it in Eight (8) Cups of water, add  3/4 cup of Goji Berries, boil this down until 3 cups of tea remain, let cool and drink it down.  Great anti-inflammatory drink and great results!

*Nota Bene:  Because “Thiols” are the sulfur analog of “alcohol” and in this case aid in the bonding of essential amino acids of Cysteine and Cystine formation in our body, specifically strong bonding in forming proteins, cysteine-cystine equillibrium, protein folding, peptide bonds of amino acids and oxidation reactions just to name a few.

Patai, Saul “The chemistry of the thiol group” Saul Patai, Ed. Wiley, London, 1974. ISBN 0471669490.


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  1. Bw Neff

    I’m going to try your Anti-inflammatory tea recipe, sounds good

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