B-complex deficiency syndrome (BCDS)

B-Complex Molecule

Did you know that if you’re suffering from heart disease, hypoglycemia, anorexia, neuritis, neuralgia, depression, anxiety, weakness, fatigue, exhaustion after meals, indigestion, poor appetite, sweet cravings, noise sensitivity, headaches, insomnia, nervousness, forgetfulness, rage, hostility,vague or morbid fears,  or hallucination, B-complex deficiency syndrome may well be your issue?

B-complex deficiency syndrome, or BCDS, is an often-overlooked progenitor of a surprisingly vast amount of the symptoms today’s human faces in his or her everyday life. For this reason, the tendency to appeal to prescription therapy, whose chemicals have inescapable drawbacks, must be subverted in favor of a prudence to first rule out BCDS as the problem.

Many severe medical issues for which medication is normally prescribed can be averted by paying careful attention to one’s diet with respect to B-complex vitamins. For instance, congestive heart failure is almost always caused by a deficiency in B-complex vitamins. Likewise, post-partum depression is not so much a psychological disorder as a symptom of the incredibly nutrient-exhaustive process of childbirth — a new mother must act quickly and consistently to replenish the nutrients in her system.

Vitamin B-Complex Sources

Even a sub-clinical case of B-complex deficiency can cause minor physical and psychological issues which, although small, why live with them when they can be solved by a diet and/or nutrition regimen which is immensely healthy for you anyway?


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