The cycle of injury and the kinematic chain

Kinematic chain defined:

“The kinematic chain methodology is the analysis of a particular joint complex & complaint.  For example, in the examination of shoulder pain the joints above and below the area of complaint must always be considered to be involved in the injury.   As the body or body parts function as one large joint with multiple parts.”   –Dr. Meimaris

Cycle of Injury, Dr. Meimaris

When considering any injury, one must use the above analysis.  Clearly there are relationships of body parts and body parts in motion have a tendency to meet with various forces and resistances that are proven to be consistent with injuries.  Not withholding, sports injuries are classified into two groups, Kinematic Type I and Kinematic Type II and are grouped as follows:

Kinematic Type I  Group     Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, & Fingers

Kinematic Type II Group     Low back, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot & Toes

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