Risk Factors of Whiplash

Meimaris Sports Chiropractic

Rear impact collision[1] 

Female gender[2]                                    

Limited range of motion[3]

Neurological signs and symptoms[4]

Loss of cervical curve[5]

History of spondylosis[6]

Front seat position[7]

Unaware of impending collision[8]

Head rotation during collision[9]

Non-failure of seat back[10]

Use of shoulder harness/seatbelt[11]

Poor head restraint geometry[12]

Ramping of head on headrest[13]

If you have been in a car accident, specifically a rear end collision,  and experienced one of the following risk factors or are not sure if you have or not, contact my office. 

(201) 487-3131                   Dr. Meimaris

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