Just another healthy smoothie, by Dr. Meimaris

Growing up, every “baby boomer” remembers the familiar tune of  the Ice Cream Truck.  Those distant memories are sweet, but not as sweet as life itself, as we are now in a more health conscious world that is committed to going green.  It’s all about longevity now.  Why not start with your children?  Don’t introduce them to sweet things when you can introduce them to something far more beneficial, something really HEALTHY!!!!!!!

Using one cup of distilled water* or other liquid**, and mix the following:

1 Cup Organic Stawberries with tops*- Frozen plus 1 cup ice cubes

1/2 Orange- (peel skin only, leave white inner skin)

1 Ripe Kiwi, Peeled

3 Mint tops and stems

Half finger of sliced ginger

1/2 Lime- (peel skin only, leave white inner skin)

This will not only keep active kids happy, its another in the series of On-the run Nutrition  smoothies for those not eating enough meals and need to have nourishment during a busy day.  What ever you call it it’s pure GOODNESS!!!!!!!

*Substitute additional cups based on quantity desired.

**Substitute Coconut Water/Juice

Dr. Meimaris  31 Mercer Street, Hackensack, NJ  07601

(201) 487-3131

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