Aluminum, Sodium Aluminum Silicate additives in your food and products we use daily!

As an actively practicing chiropractic physician in the State of New Jersey, I’ve been approached by many sales representatives from supplement companies, to endorse, distribute and encourage my patients to take supplements.  I have selected only two supplement companies that are derived from whole foods.  For one of the companies, before acquiring their products for my patients, I toured their facility and organic farm in Wisconsin.

The recent economic down turn has brought about “salesmen” that solicit doctors and chiropractors with so called food products to distribute to our patients.  Let it be known, that I recently turned down many products because they contain certain “fillers of convenience” that I consider unsafe for human consumption.  Let it be known, you are safe when you consult Meimaris Sports Chiropractic for all of your health care needs.  The filler of convenience I’m referring to is Sodium Aluminum Silicate, typically its colorless and odorless.  It is added to flours, salts, powdered egg mixes, dried milk and various powdered sugar products like powdered hot chocolate, latte’ and the like.

Curiously, Fluoride, which I wrote about in a past post,   interferes with the body’s ability to rid itself of aluminum.  Aluminum has been noted as being responsible for Alzheimers Disease and although not a heavy metal, is considered a main factor in Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic renal insufficiency as well as interfering with cellular functions on all levels.  Could aluminum in our toothpaste be the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease?  I’ll leave that answer to be addressed the by scientists.  Sodium Aluminum Silicate is found in sweetners such as Aspartame which is a widely use sweetener.  In addition, it is used in salts as well, it can interfere with the body’s ability to uptake iron, calcium, copper, zinc, selenium, magnesium and phosphorous.

Fortunately, we can do something!  Avoid those products that contain dangerous additives.  We can also employ the use a high fiber diet.  For example, the skin of apples is a good source of pectin which is a great agent in ridding the body of Aluminum.   B Complex/B6  supplementation and calcium and magnesium supplements to bind with aluminum allowing it to exit the body.

If you have any further questions, specific to this post or nutrition to bring you back to a healthy lifestyle,  contact my office.

Yours in health, 

(201) 487-3131                   Dr. Meimaris



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2 responses to “Aluminum, Sodium Aluminum Silicate additives in your food and products we use daily!

  1. Excellent article! One more reason to eat an apple a day !

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