Trace minerals, enzymatic reactions and your health!

It’s a trickle down effect.  Yes,  everything we eat is directly related to the  animals and plants we eat.  Nutrition occurs when plants are eaten by animals and then in turn, we eat the animal, in the form of meat, poultry fish, milk, eggs and greens.  Trace minerals are key to a healthy body, however plants themselves do not produce trace minerals, therefore, without trace minerals, you can really upset the internal system of balance in your body.

Without potassium, heart muscle can be subject to damage, resulting in a racing heart or what is known in medicine as “tachycardia.”   Without zinc, selenium, sulfur and iron, liver function slows down to a snail’s pace lacking the ability to fight infection, cleanse the blood and bowels and repair damaged tissues. 

Curiously, more and more female patients are reporting that their medical doctors are recommending and administering  B12 shots!  It there a lack of cobalt available in the diet?  Has our food been so overrun with  genetic modification that the trace mineral cobalt is lacking from our food sources?  A lack of the trace mineral cobalt results in an inability for the body to synthesize B12!  Imagine that!!?

In addition to trace minerals, and as with all metabolic processes of our bodies, enzymes are key to aiding those metabolic processes through each function of our body.    On a cellular level they aid the catalytic processes, in fact, any thing that eats food involves both catalytic and metabolic processes to every function within our body.  Trace minerals assist in those catalytic processes.

In short, trace minerals vitalize our immune system, increase our metabolic processes and are part of every function throughout the human body.  Be sure that you’re eating well and if you’re not, rest assured that we have the right supplements based on your needs.  Affordable multilevel tests are available at our office from and outside lab to tell you exactly what you need.  If any of this is of interest or you would like to submit to an evaluation, feel free to contact me at the office.

You may call, (201) 487-3131;  Dr. Meimaris, 31 Mercer Street, Suite 1A, Hackensack, NJ 



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