A positive note for all those battling diabetes

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is vastly used in all forms of Asian Cuisine.  In a word, bitter melon is a far cry from the sweetness we associate with fruity melons.  They are in fact, truly bitter and resemble the common gourd.  Bitter melons can be cleaned by sectioning them down the middle and scooping out the seed pods, then sliced as we slice a cucumber for a salad.  The Filipino culture calls them “Ampalayang” and truth is, once you get by the ugly bumps and the bitter taste you can find nothing but pure value to this amazing vegetable!

Bitter Melon, Sectioned and halved

Bitter melon is packed with insulin-like phytochemicals that reduce  blood glucose levels.  If you’re a Type I or Type II diabetic then this will aid in the management of blood sugar.  However, a word of caution, this is not for those who have a tendency towards hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  When ever taking any plant or phytochemical, be sure to consult your physician, internist and endocrinologist.   For those who are non-diabetic and non-hypoglycemic,  it is a good practice to eat bitter melon once weekly to keep blood sugar normalized.

Bitter Melon, prepared for sautee

 For a good stir fry recipe with bitter melon, search  “Ginisang Ampalaya” on You Tube or just click the following linkhttp://youtu.be/7Zw17QoGx3g


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