A word about pregnancy and chiropractic care, pass this along!

The Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics, December 2010 issue discusses the needs of a pregnant woman and the use of chiropractic for those needs.

Data was collected from 100 women showed promise in that 49 were in their second pregnancy, 47 were in their first and 4 were in their third.  Of the 100 women, 38 had been to a chiropractor before, 62 had their first experience with chiropractic.  There were 44 referred by a family member or friend and 48 were referred by another health care professional, of those 48, 23 were referred by a midwife and 15 had been referred by their medical doctor. A surprising fact was that 33 women had chiropractic care as their first method of care for their problems during pregnancy.

The main reason (90%) for seeking chiropractic care is for pelvic pain from pelvic floor stress and mechanics due to weight bearing.  Also noted is the low back pain which comes directly from altered mechanics of anterior weight bearing, researchers reported that 60% of the pregnant women suffered from that common malady. In addition, 29% of the women had neck pain, 15% suffered from headaches and 2% had migraines.

In over 27 years of private practice, I have found that there are a number of radicular (radiating pain) into the upper extremities with concomitant wrist (carpal tunnel like) pain during the latter stages of pregnancy (third trimester) with the women pregnant in my practice.

Overall the JCCP study recommended that the longer a pregnant woman waits before starting chiropractic care, the more complicating and amassing the symptoms become.  To quote one of my patients with neck, upper back and wrist pain, on having waiting for the ninth month before coming in to see me, this patient said,




“Why did I wait so long and why didn’t anyone tell me about chiropractic care as an option?  I’m right up the hill from your office, had I known I would have been here from day one!”  She added, “I suffered for eight months with this pain!”

Dr. Demetri Meimaris

Office:  31 Mercer Street, Suite 1a, Hackensack, NJ   (201) 487-3131


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