Alcohol and breast health

The media continues to tout the possible cardiovascular benefits of modest alcohol consumption. Although it certainly appears that recent science and research bears this out, developing research in women with a previous diagnosis of early stage breast cancer shows that alcohol consumption, even in moderate amounts, may actually increase the risk of breast cancer reoccurrence and subsequent death.









In the past, alcohol consumption has been associated with the development of several types of cancers including pancreatic, esophageal, mouth, and liver. Now recent science is pointing to alcohol as a possible contributing agent in a second episode of breast cancer and early death.

As breast tissue can be very sensitive and reactive to a variety of noxious agents, an attentiveness to a lifestyle that includes a very clean, whole food diet, fresh air and exercise, and proper supplementation, may be the best solution to not only breast health, but to most chronic diseases in general.

Learn more about this topic in related article entitled, Alcohol Consumption and Breast Cancer Recurrence and Survival Among Women With Early-Stage Breast Cancer: The Life After Cancer Epidemiology Study

Credits: Designs for Health



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  1. Chris Kracke

    Great info I will pass it along.

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