Alternative Medicine is not Quackery

Are you afraid of being scolded by your doctor for using alternative health care?  Don’t be.  Almost 75% of all health care workers use alternative themselves.  If your doctor calls alternative health care quackery, he or she is living in the past.   In fact, modern medicine started in this country with references to the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates.   Referring to the Hippocratic Oath as the basis of Modern Medicine.

The following statements are key points of the oath:  “First do no harm,” and “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”   Chiropractic, is a branch of alternative medicine and also includes: acupuncture, nutrition, yoga, massage therapy, meditation, aroma therapy, etc..  A doctor who is not afraid to suggest or support the decision to use alternative medicine shows a sincere desire to help heal their patients.  Although recommending alternative medicine has not yet become mainstream, you should not be afraid to speak with your doctor about using alternative therapies to help treat any medical conditions you may have.

Often times I have patient’s that come into the office where their pain concerns were not addressed or passed off as “in their head”  and therefore, I see those patients as well.  If you suffer from any pain that has not been addressed or has been overlooked by the medical establishment, call 201-487-3131 tocay to schedule an appointment with Dr. Demetri Meimaris at his office in Hackensack, NJ.

Dr. Demetri Meimaris,  31 Mercer Street, Suite 1A, Hackensack, New Jersey, 07601



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3 responses to “Alternative Medicine is not Quackery

  1. I am curious to find out what blog platform you happen to be using?
    I’m experiencing some minor security problems with my latest site and I would like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Not sure what security issues you’re having, but I use WordPress because of it’s Microsoft interface which I was told works better with search engines. Being a sports chiropractor, I like patients and prospective patients to be able to find me so I can address their needs. Hope I answered your question.

      All the best,

      Dr. Meimaris

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