Goji Berries!!! Dr. Meimaris’ Anti-inflammatory Tea

Also known in this country by the odd name of  Wolfberries, these raisin-like little gems are high in micro nutrients, zinc, iron, selenium, riboflavin, anti-oxidants and vitamin C.  They contain a total of 11 essential minerals, 18 amino acids, 7 vitamins  and as many as 22 trace minerals.  Aside from being a macro nutrient, rich in carbohydrate, proteins, fat and the necessary daily fiber, they also are high in calcium and potassium which aid and direct cellular function, not to mention the (linoleic acid) Omega 6’s  and (linolinic acid) Omega 3’s !

I recently advised a few patients who have had both acute episodes of pain and acute flare-ups of chronic conditions (osteoarthritis) to try my special pain management  Goji Berry Tea with positive results reported by those patients.   One instance, there was an overuse injury involving the shoulder, another a twisted knee and yet another with back pain.  All reported positive results when they returned for therapy and chiropractic care the following visit.


Here is my Goji Berry Powerup anti-inflammatory tea recipe:

Take 3/4 cup of goji berries and a finger of ginger in 8 cups of water.  When goji berries are coupled with the ginger it makes a potent brew!

Boil it down till there’s about one cup of powerful tea for you to drink.  This is best taken before bed time as my philosophy on any supplements, macro nutrients, micro nutrients, phytochemicals or vitamins are to be taken night when the body is rebuilding, restructuring and recuperating!   Enjoy!  –Dr. Meimaris

Questions?  Give me a call:

Meimaris Sports Chiropractic,  31 Mercer Street, Hackensack, N.J.        (201) 487-3131



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3 responses to “Goji Berries!!! Dr. Meimaris’ Anti-inflammatory Tea

  1. Nerissa Munerlyn

    Goji berry is rich in phytochemicals, I always take goji berry juice and it is tasty too. .

    My current webpage

  2. Eileen Gavin

    Thank you for the article. I am confused about the quantity of ginger. Do you mean a length the size of my finger (which one?) or do you mean one of the “branches” of the root. Some of these branches can be big and some small. Do you slice or grate the ginger?

    • Yes, a finger of ginger is a length of ginger, such as 2 1/2 to 3 inches. I put it in whole because you’re boiling it down. You can grate it to give you a higher potency of ginger. Thank you Eileen. –Dr. Meimaris

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