The Importance of Joint Mobility is far reaching!

The Importance of Joint Mobility is far reaching!

A 25 year old female patient came in unable to move her neck and shoulder, she had been exercising with a personal trainer doing weights and cardio for three months without incident. No specific goals, just to remain fit and trim. After the first month some stiffness and the body crying out to conform to new muscle patterns. Trainer said: “Push through the pain” She pushed through the pain and saw results of greater strength and abilities to do things that before required energy.

This was “great” she thought, but by the end of the second month, pushing through pain and not adhering to the proper posture when the trainer was not there to monitor her, she woke one morning with a “stiff neck.” She thought it would go away, she tried aspirin, and Aleve. To no avail, nothing worked.

Approximately a week later, she stopped training and called my office. During the examination she stated that she awoke in the middle of the previous night thinking she was having a heart attack at age 25! She thought: “I’m too young to die! How could this be????”

I examined her and found that she wasn’t having a heart attack at all, she pushed her muscles to the point of fatigue and exhaustion with no recovery time resulted in spasm and poor joint mobility. That combined with poor posture and mechanics of her activities of daily living and her lack of warming up and cooling down (stretching before her exercise) resulted in this episode of neck and shoulder pain. Just one of the many ways chiropractic can help you through your exercise regime. Get your spine checked. Restore joint mobility. Discover Meimaris Sports Chiropractic! 201-487-3131


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January 29, 2013 · 7:24 pm

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