Kale, a dish with Cretan influences: Kale Cretan Fusion

I got home to a pleasant surprise this evening, my daughter was cooking squash and my son was making his famous kale dish. Exciting to come home from a long day at work and just get hot food served! My son diced up some kale and potatoes, and placed it to the side. Using a wok, he sautéed garlic and onions and then added first potatoes, until they were par cooked (approximately 3/4ths of the way); then added the kale, soy sauce, ground pepper, and cayenne pepper. When everything was tender, it was then ready for plating. Once this was done, he grated Cretan Graviera cheese on top to finish off the dish. Cooking along side of him was my daughter, who made the sliced sautéed squash after having sautéed garlic in Cretan olive oil, here is the dish I came home to, plated and ready to serve, it’s nutritious and delicious!




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4 responses to “Kale, a dish with Cretan influences: Kale Cretan Fusion

  1. Pam LeBlanc

    Your son seems to be a chef! What a beautiful plate to come home to.

    • Thank you Pam, no he isn’t a chef by trade, but I, like you think he has that talent! Thanks for chiming in!

      Dr. Meimaris

      • Pam LeBlanc

        I’m sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your daughter’s contributions. I think it was my memories when my daughter and son were young. My son was ALWAYS in the kitchen, my daughter…not so much!

  2. Paul Klein

    Dr. Meimarus, Lets do lunch and we can have it catered by your son. Looks healthy. Paul Redi Diagnostics

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