Back Pack Strain Sprain Injuries in our children, educating the masses.

How heavy is your child’s back pack???



In recent years our teachers have unintentionally caused our children to require overloaded. Backpacks that are far too heavy for developing muscles, joints and bones.  As a result, this issue has received a lot of attention from parents, educators, nurses, doctors and the media.

It is well documented that fractures and bone bruises are the most serious of injuries and are typical of sports related trauma.  However, a strain/sprain injury to an involved joint and in this case, the spine can be one of the most debilitating long term injuries due to the chronicity of the injury and a school year that goes from September through June of the following year. Backpack2

A strain injury is an over-stretching of the musculo-ligamentous attachments of the spine or a joint.  In the spine there are 24 moving spinal vertebrae that work in unison to provide support, structure and mobility.  When their attachments are…

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