So you’ve had a car accident, sports injury or some other spinal trauma?


An older post from 2011, but all applies. With the inclement weather upon us, pay close attention to the symptoms you may have following an accident. Many people are injured in this manner and go days, weeks, months and sometimes years not making the connection to a rear-end accident in which their body absorbed the energy of impact, resulting in the symptoms of WHIPLASH. If you have any questions, call me. –Dr. Meimaris


Do you know anyone with chronic pain from a car accident, or sports injury trauma?  Anyone with chronic pain could easily fit into this category. Research over the last ten (10) years shows that on average, 70% of whiplash injured patients continued to complain of symptoms from the original injury 15.5 years after the initial whiplash trauma.  Neck pain, back pain and tinnitus (ringing in ears) commonly increased between years 10 and 15, with 60% of symptomatic patients no longer going to a doctor, in the previous 5 years, because the doctors were unable to help their now chronic problem.   In addition, 18% of these patients had to take an early retirement due to health problems they attributed to their original whiplash injury.[1]

It’s well known that people that actually experience the above scenario never realize the connection of current symptoms to their previous history and actually go on…

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