Is your child suffering silently???

gotsubluxation4Quarterly specials that we run can be viewed at our website which is listed below.  One of the key things that we have up and coming as the summer winds down is to draw attention to our children who are going to be back at it wearing heavy back packs.  As parents we always want to do the best by our children.

Often, I hear, the following statement when meeting new people:  “Oh, I didn’t know that chiropractic care was for children.”   With that stated, the point of this blog and social media is to create this awareness that Chiropractic Care is the safest, least invasive form of conservative care in the hands of a trained professional.  Wearing back packs laden with heavy books in this age of digital and online technology is puzzling to me, but until we transition as educators and as students to complete virtual study, there are the imposing stresses of back packs.  That’s not to mention all of the poor postures I see from cell phone use on a daily basis.  Could it be that some of the structural spinal problems adults have are directly related to the stressors and poor posture habits we had as children?    In a word, a resounding, Yes!


I will leave you with this.  On my website there is a complimentary examination to get your children checked out. Wouldn’t you want to do what’s best for your child, family and friends?  Give me a call or view and print out the special on my website:

Newark-2  Dr. Meimaris addressing injury aftercare and back pack uses at school.


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