Osteoporosis, look at what else is in your arsenal! You are what you eat!


Plums! Are a secret weapon for Osteoporosis!

Yes!  That’s right the most unlikely weapon in your arsenal to fight osteoporosis are plums, a STEADY diet of them too!  If you crack open the pit of a plum, you will find a gift.  Ahhh, the plum, often overlooked as you pass over the fruit section of your favorite grocery store, reaching for apples and oranges.

Whether its the plum or its withered sweet sister the prune, which are both known for their rich delicious sweetness and high fiber content, they hide within their pits a much needed compound known as “silica.”  

Before we get to that ladies, let’s talk about the skeleton, I know you may be thinking, here’s another chiropractor talking about “bones,”  but take heed to what I’m about to say.   To put it in simple terms, a woman’s skeleton functions as a “mineral bank.”   In…

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