A Tribute to a Great Ball Player and Human Being


I have thought a lot about the death of Yogi Berra today. I, a life time Yankee fan did not grow up in his hay day, but rather in the decline of the Yankees, seeing players who came after him including the sad decline of Mickey Mantle and the death of Thurman Munson. Also, not to forget a dear friend of mine, who also a great Yankee who had died a lonely death, Billy Martin.

In this day, may I say, that my curiosity as a fan, of this man was peaked by being near enough to his museum, to have a few cherished moments with my dad who has now passed, and my son who is carrying on my name. We visit that great little place of baseball with my dad and son, one of the rarest times we three got together.

We did not see Yogi there, but it was all Yogi, all baseball. In my humble opinion, I honestly believe that Yogi was baseball and if he had not created the museum, I would not have the one cherished memory of Yogi Berra, one of my most favorite of Yankees.

I would not have that memory with my dad, and son together. Thank you Yogi for being truer that true, and I believe, that every man should strive to be as Yogi, an ambassador to the human race, he was all things good and all things true. Live on Yogi, may your memory be eternal. The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be- Yogi Berra

Your friend, Dr. Demetri “Meech” Meimaris


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One response to “A Tribute to a Great Ball Player and Human Being

  1. Michael Raby

    Beatiful words and tribute Dr. M . Definitely a rare breed of man – Michael Raby

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