Meimaris Sports Chiropractic (23)

Yes, Presenteeism!   Are you working so much that you do NOT find time for your health???   Higher levels of anxiety, working injured or lack of focus due to lack of adequate rest can lead to a collapse in your health.  Just like you work in time at the gym for your workouts, let periodic chiropractic spinal adjustments help you through your work week. With the increased demands of technology, I can see that the entire population as a whole has become weakened structurally. 

We have become a forward based society, computers with typing and texting with cell phones lead to Upper Cross Syndrome, weakness of the posterior shoulder, trapezius and neck muscles resulting in an imbalance that is compounded by not being able to counter act the increased strength of the anterior neck and chest wall muscles (pectorals) sufficiently to remain properly postured.  This then results Lower Cross Syndrome from an overload of office work and lack of conditioning, spinal alignments and exercise.   Dr. Meimaris

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