Again, a word about all that texting!


We have become a “Forward Based Society.” The use of computers, tablets and phones for texting has shown that the anterior chest wall muscles are constantly in an active “facilitated or  recruitment stage” while the upper back and posterior neck muscles are in a stated of “constant physical stress or inhibited stage.”  When this occurs, it is known as “Upper Crossed Syndrome.” 

Equally, as we become more sedentary by use of computers and technologies while seated, this will lend itself to “Lower Crossed Syndrome” stemming from weakened abdominals/gluteal muscles and over facilitated back muscles and quads. 

There are specific exercises that you can do during the day to counter the progression to either Upper Crossed or Lower Crossed Syndromes.  Make an appointment today.  (201) 487-3131 

–Dr. Meimaris, your functional based chiropractor.

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