The Quiet Eye, What Athletes See

This article was submitted to me by Greg Chertok, M.Ed., CC-AASP
Sport & Exercise Psychology Consultant of  Telos Sport Psychology Coaching, well worth the read, if you would like to contact Greg Chertok, you may find his link under the links section of this page or at the end of this article by The Atlantic, “What Ahletes See.”



Greg Chertok, M.Ed., CC-AASP
Sport & Exercise Psychology Consultant
Telos Sport Psychology Coaching




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A Tribute to a Great Ball Player and Human Being


I have thought a lot about the death of Yogi Berra today. I, a life time Yankee fan did not grow up in his hay day, but rather in the decline of the Yankees, seeing players who came after him including the sad decline of Mickey Mantle and the death of Thurman Munson. Also, not to forget a dear friend of mine, who also a great Yankee who had died a lonely death, Billy Martin.

In this day, may I say, that my curiosity as a fan, of this man was peaked by being near enough to his museum, to have a few cherished moments with my dad who has now passed, and my son who is carrying on my name. We visit that great little place of baseball with my dad and son, one of the rarest times we three got together.

We did not see Yogi there, but it was all Yogi, all baseball. In my humble opinion, I honestly believe that Yogi was baseball and if he had not created the museum, I would not have the one cherished memory of Yogi Berra, one of my most favorite of Yankees.

I would not have that memory with my dad, and son together. Thank you Yogi for being truer that true, and I believe, that every man should strive to be as Yogi, an ambassador to the human race, he was all things good and all things true. Live on Yogi, may your memory be eternal. The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be- Yogi Berra

Your friend, Dr. Demetri “Meech” Meimaris

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Osteoporosis, look at what else is in your arsenal! You are what you eat!


Plums! Are a secret weapon for Osteoporosis!

Yes!  That’s right the most unlikely weapon in your arsenal to fight osteoporosis are plums, a STEADY diet of them too!  If you crack open the pit of a plum, you will find a gift.  Ahhh, the plum, often overlooked as you pass over the fruit section of your favorite grocery store, reaching for apples and oranges.

Whether its the plum or its withered sweet sister the prune, which are both known for their rich delicious sweetness and high fiber content, they hide within their pits a much needed compound known as “silica.”  

Before we get to that ladies, let’s talk about the skeleton, I know you may be thinking, here’s another chiropractor talking about “bones,”  but take heed to what I’m about to say.   To put it in simple terms, a woman’s skeleton functions as a “mineral bank.”   In…

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Is your child suffering silently???

gotsubluxation4Quarterly specials that we run can be viewed at our website which is listed below.  One of the key things that we have up and coming as the summer winds down is to draw attention to our children who are going to be back at it wearing heavy back packs.  As parents we always want to do the best by our children.

Often, I hear, the following statement when meeting new people:  “Oh, I didn’t know that chiropractic care was for children.”   With that stated, the point of this blog and social media is to create this awareness that Chiropractic Care is the safest, least invasive form of conservative care in the hands of a trained professional.  Wearing back packs laden with heavy books in this age of digital and online technology is puzzling to me, but until we transition as educators and as students to complete virtual study, there are the imposing stresses of back packs.  That’s not to mention all of the poor postures I see from cell phone use on a daily basis.  Could it be that some of the structural spinal problems adults have are directly related to the stressors and poor posture habits we had as children?    In a word, a resounding, Yes!


I will leave you with this.  On my website there is a complimentary examination to get your children checked out. Wouldn’t you want to do what’s best for your child, family and friends?  Give me a call or view and print out the special on my website:

Newark-2  Dr. Meimaris addressing injury aftercare and back pack uses at school.

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Muscle Spasms and pain are the first symptoms of Subluxations!


You wake up, and you think, “something just feels out of order, I must have slept funny!!”   A pain, a spasm can lead to a mechanical dysfunction with pain and spasms being the first symptoms to alarm you.   Take heed, listen to your body.  Most people will not address this, no sooner are they off to the hair salon, or to get the car washed, and oil changed than to pay attention to their body’s symptoms. Spinal dysfunction can result from cumulative micro-incidents much like the “Straw that broke the camel’s back,” a game we played as children. 

For example, if you hit the curb too hard an your car’s alignment is thrown out 1-2 degrees you may never feel a thing until you hit a bad pothole or the crown in the road throws you for a loop on a wet surface.  Everything that relates to gravity needs an alignment.  So to all of you Mr. and Mrs. Poor Posture weekend warriors, make a point to visit me to keep you fit and happy.

At Meimaris Sports Chiropractic, you don’t have to be an athlete to experience the benefits of a spinal checkup, you don’t have to feel that terrible.  It’s simply a way of life.  We use our bodies, we work hard and play hard, thrive and endure, why not make it the best life ever?  This is where a functional approach to the spine and the extremities is key to address the malady before it becomes “dis-ease.”

Hippocrates said: “Look first to the spine for the cause of disease.” Make your appointment today, In practice since 1984, never missed a beat!   Dr. Meimaris, New Jersey’s Premier Sports Chiropractor   

Two offices, one number (201) 487-3131

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Did you know that statins like Lipitor, Crestor & Zocor shut down production of Co-Q 10?

If you are on statin medications, please take the time to review this article.  Many of the population are on statins.  If you or your loved one, friend or family are on them, then they need to read this.

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If you have a heart attack, insist on this!


From our friends at Functional Medical University, clearly there is a difference in magnesium sources to increase the survivability of a heart attack.  Please read on!  –Dr. Meimaris 

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